Submission Guidelines

Dear Community Innovators,

UJA Federation’s SixPoints Jewish Venture Philanthropy Fund is pleased to announce our 2011 Request for Proposals. We expect to make grants totaling approximately $300,000.


UJA Federation’s SixPoints JVPF is a group of individuals who have pooled their financial resources and business planning skills to fund and support new and innovative programs that are consistent with Jewish values. Each SixPoints JVPF member contributes an equal amount and has one vote. The SixPoints JVPF provides a special emphasis on incorporating business principles and ensuring the sustainability of the organizations we fund. We seek to select causes that reflect our passions and we focus on Jewish community needs that can benefit from our time, commitment, abilities and insights. We will make between 3-5 grants that will range in amount from $50,000 to $150,000.  Grants are typically paid out over two years.


The SixPoints JVPF makes targeted and significant venture-level investments in creative new programs and organizations that have the potential for impact, scalability and sustainability. The SixPoints JVPF supports programs based in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) as well as national Canadian programs that have the potential for impact in Toronto. The ideal funding opportunity for the SixPoints JVPF is one in which our financial investment and creative input will provide vital assistance to allow a good idea to grow exponentially.

The SixPoints JVPF adheres strictly to its criteria in making its funding decisions and applicants are strongly encouraged to evaluate their proposals against the criteria. The SixPoints Fund looks for projects and organizations that are at a stage in its growth or development at which JVPF’s investment can (1) have significant impact; (2) grow the organization or project to scale; and (3) help the organization or project attain sustainability. The SixPoints JVPF’s specific criteria are divided into two categories:

  1. Five criteria that are a pre-requisites for funding.
  2. Five criteria that enhance the competitiveness of a proposal.

The five criteria that are a pre-requisite for funding are:

  1. Jewish Community Need:  In order to be considered by SixPoints JVPF, a proposal must demonstrate that it addresses a clearly defined need in the Jewish community.
  2. Opportunity for Involvement:  In order to be considered by SixPoints JVPF, the proposal must identify what support and input is desired from the SixPoints Fund members in addition to their financial investment?
  3. Measurability:  In order to be considered by SixPoints JVPF, the proposal must specify the impact it intends to have on its beneficiaries as well as how it will measure its impact.
  4. Time Frame:  In order to be considered by SixPoints JVPF, the proposal must define a timeline for itself as well as the exit strategy for the SixPoints JVPF.
  5. Sponsor/Staff:  In order to be considered by SixPoints JVPF, the proposal must identify the sponsoring organization(s) and/or staff.  Moreover, it must identify the leadership skills they posses in order to successfully implement the proposal.

In addition to the five mandatory criteria, each of the following five criteria will enhance the competitiveness of a proposal:

  1. New and/or Innovative Idea:  Preference will be given to proposals that demonstrate that they have a new and/or innovative approach to addressing a clearly defined need.
  2. Sustainability: Preference will be given to proposals that show that there is a credible plan for sustaining the work beyond the SixPoints JVPF’s investment.
  3. Scalability:  Preference will be given to proposals that express how their concept could be grown (scaled up).
  4. Replicable:  Preference will be shown to proposals that establish that their concept could be replicated in other Jewish communities.
  5. Leverage:  Preference will be given to proposals that intend to use the SixPoints JVPF’s financial investment to secure financial support from other investors.

SixPoints JVPF applicants should note that proposals that may be viewed as addressing a need that is the responsibility of municipal, provincial and/or federal levels of government will be accepted if they meet the five mandatory criteria.  Nonetheless, these proposals will be less competitive in the selection process.


Once the deadline for submitting proposals passes on July 28, 2011, The SixPoints JVPF members will evaluate all the submissions.  They will select approximately ten applicants to make in-person presentations. The ten applicants will be notified by the end of August 2011.  Presentations to the fund members will be made in mid-September 2011.  The SixPoints JVPF then selects four to eight applicants with whom several Fund members will undertake an intensive due diligence process during the fall of 2011. During this due diligence process, Fund members will assist the applicants in shaping their ideas and business plans and further evaluate whether and how the proposals meet THE SIXPOINTS JVPF’s criteria.

Upon completion of the due diligence stage in December 2011, the Fund members then vote to determine:

  1. The proposals that will be funded.
  2. The amount of each grant.
  3. The conditions and benchmarks that the grant recipients must meet in order to obtain the funding.

During the term of the grant, SIXPOINTS JVPF continues to monitor grant recipients to confirm that the funding conditions and benchmarks have been satisfied and obtained.

Pre-Application Conference Call

We strongly encourage all applicants to participate in our Applicant Q&A Conference Call scheduled for

Thursday, July 14, 2011 from 10am to 10:30am
Call-in number: 416.507.1616  |  Participation code: 859948

Should you have any questions, please contact, Adam Minsky at


  • Grants will be given out in amounts ranging from $50,000 - $150,000.
  • Applicants must be a registered charity by the Canada Revenue Agency or have imminent plans to file for charitable status.
  • Applicants must be willing to submit additional financial and programmatic information if requested.
  • Agencies may only be the lead agency for a maximum of two applications.


You may 'Submit Your Project' anytime online. Please include the following the information:

  1. Program Description/Case: A one-paragraph summary of the project and the case for its funding. This summary is your chance to succinctly sell your idea.
  2. Need: Describe the target population, need, and potential impact.
  3. Goals, Objectives & Measurement:  Specify the impact your proposal intends to have on its beneficiaries and how you will measure it.  Be sure to list the goals and objectives of your proposal and how you intend to achieve them.  Identify the expected outcomes, criteria that will be used to measure success and the plan for assessing benefits as measured against costs.  
  4. Criteria that Enhance Competitiveness:  If relevant, explain how and why your proposal contains one or more of the five criteria that SixPoints believes will enhance the competitiveness of your proposal.  They are sustainability, scalability, financial leverage, whether the project can be replicated as well as whether the proposal’s concept is new and/or innovative.  For a detailed explanation of the five criteria, please see the section entitled “SixPoints JVPF Criteria”.
  5. Opportunity for Involvement:  Identify what support and input is desired from the SixPoints Fund members in addition to their financial investment.  Describe how SixPoints JVPF’s technical assistance and Fund member experience could be used to further the applicant’s program.
  6. Time Frame:  Define a timeline for the proposal as well as the exit strategy for the SixPoints JVPF.
  7. Sponsor/Staff:  Identify the sponsoring organization(s) and/or staff.
  8. Organizational Structure and Expertise: Explain the staffing plans, personnel expertise, management competence and capacity to deliver services generally, and the project specifically.
  9. Funders: List names and contact information for key recent funders (both of the organization and proposed project) and pending applications and prospective funders (including name of prospective funder, amount requested, and intended use of funds if received). You may include this information in the budget if you would like.
  • Include a one-page itemized budget listing both projected revenue and expenses for the entire project (and, if necessary, a one page budget narrative). If the proposal is for a specific program, please also include a complete organizational budget. The budget must demonstrate an effective and efficient plan for use of SixPoints JVPF funds. The budgets and narrative should be attached to the proposal.
  • Papers should be in 12 point font and may be either single- or double-spaced.
  • Concept papers are to be submitted solely in electronic format.  Submissions will only be accepted by being uploaded to UJA Federation’s SixPoints JVPF website.
  • Submissions will be most competitive if they are accompanied by a video-clip that is no longer than 3 minutes in length that is also uploaded to the UJA Federation SixPoints JVPF website.  The video-clip should make a succinct and compelling audio-visual pitch for your proposal.
  • The UJA Federation SixPoints JVPF website is a public website.  All applicants will be able to select whether their proposal and video-clip can be viewed by the public.  If an applicant selects to keep their proposal private only the fact that they have submitted a proposal will be listed on the website.  We highly encourage you to make your submission public.  UJA Federation will be profiling the website and publicly posted proposals will gain exposure to potential donors worldwide.  All financial information will be kept confidential.


  • All submissions must be received by 5:00pm, Thursday, July 28, 2011.
  • Please submit your proposal and video-clip electronically by uploading them to the UJA Federation SixPoints JVPF website.  
  • Applicants will be notified of the results of the initial screening process by Thursday, September 8, 2011.
  • Applicants selected to make in-person presentations to the Fund will be invited to do so at a SixPoints JVPF meeting in September and/or October 2011.
  • Applicants selected for the due diligence stage will work with SixPoints Fund members during the fall of 2011.
  • Final funding decisions will be made by December 2011.