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The Compass: “Way finder” for Jewish Senior & Caregiver Services

We are seeking financial and professional assistance for the development and promotion of a unique and innovative web site that will provide information on resources available to care for Jewish seniors and their caregivers in Toronto and abroad.
The website will include: 1) information on programs and services for Jewish caregivers and seniors in Toronto and in other major cities where Jewish family members reside – ranging from Kosher Meals on Wheels and Jewish retirement housing options, to services for Russian and Hebrew speaking seniors and Holocaust survivors ; and 2) Jewishly-focused holistic system navigation that can literally guide the user through a series of questions, to the right information sources and service providers.
This initiative will focus on a wide range of issues around the needs and interests of seniors: Health Care, Health Promotion, Services and Agencies, Homecare, Community Support Services, Recreation, Learning, Religious Observance, Volunteer and Job Opportunities. Direct referral information will focus on the not-for-profit agencies and services in the Toronto Jewish community.
The site will also include creative value-added features, all of which are scalable and include:
-Caregiving Advice Column (questions to health care professionals such as a social worker or nurse experienced in geriatrics)
-Frequently Asked Questions
-Connections to national and international resources in other cities
-Multi-lingual component (information will be available in different languages)
-Forums allowing seniors and their caregivers to share information and concerns and offer aregiver support
-Benefits Wizard – with this tool, site users can enter key information (such as place of residence and age) and they can find out a list of benefits that may be available.